‘KALA SARTHI’ sprang a surprise in1976 (Reg.with government published his Art education Magazine.It is the First Publication of it’s kind in Gujarat and conduct round the year 1985.In the next have the colour competition ,successfully organized from 1986 to 2000. We organised an art workshop,Research in Art education & Art Experiment.

Kala Sarthi Art Foundation as organization recognized with the Govt.dedicated to promote art activity.We organized National Child & Youth Art Competition.We inform you that entries in selected award winner.As an art teacher it is required to you go through the send literature and get your students to participate in the competition.

There will be All India Art Teacher Competition also Top Best School Award,Prestiqios Megakala Bhushan Award,Top Best School Awards and Creative Art Teacher’s Award.

You are invited to take part.You will come know the activites of our institution and send us to interest student entry to bring out the hidden talent by providing platform to all student & Art teacher to overcome stage phobia and work for their all-round development.we belive that we can make the real difference and infivence tomorrow’s india by touching the soul of our future generation.

18th All India Child & youth Art competition 2019 On the eve of competition ‘’Kala Sarthi’’ has desided to declare and awarded.

1. Relieve the – Independence of Mahatma Gandhi three Art.
2. After Pulvama’s attack “Air Surgical Strike” the army were saluted and the return “Abhinandan”.
3. Parliament election 2019. Democracy and Voter.
4. Choose their own topic color & Technique
In this School soldiers children’s who study in this school are Participate No Entry fees.Proof of army serve a person should submit from school.
“Any Festival” “Swachh Bharat” in greeting card competition with the reason we begin a new international global artist Group competition.Minimum 300 students participate,Art Teacher send in about the enty in international competition.

These Competiton are to encourage students and teacher to promote art activities.

The parpase of the competiton is to Provids Platform to every students.”Telents is rate lets promote it”Please inform Those to nearest schools 18th contest during 8-8-19 to 2-10-19.


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